Idlewyld Manor Family Council Meeting Minutes May 11, 2021




Idlewyld Manor Family Council Meeting


Approved Minutes: May 11, 2021

Location:  Via Zoom


PRESENT:  Cindy Allen, Mary Newman, Barb Vacon, Amanda Rogers, Ann Bennett, Anne Ross-Muschallik, Beth Hibbard, Bob Hibbard, Bruce Hamilton, Clarke Miller, Dave Taylor, John Bouman, Jeanette Wilkinson, Kathleen Sharkey, Margaret Cross, Margaret Figliola, Nan Uzbalis, Rose Linton, Vinzi Calder


  1. CALL TO ORDER:   6:35 PM


  1. GUEST SPEAKERS: Bahar Karimi, Administrator

                                    Glynis Cox, Manager of Recreation and Volunteers


  • Bahar passed on “love” to Margaret and Ann from a family member who is very happy with the work they have been doing in the garden
  • She advised the home currently has 10 empty beds, down from 40 a short time ago
  • Bahar also provided an in-depth update on news and happenings. Details can be found in the attached Administrator Update which was issued on May 13
  • Bahar advised Compliance Inspectors were currently at Idlewyld Manor reviewing past non-compliant issues and ensuring all concerns had been addressed
  • Funds raised from Moving to Make It Happen will be used for new furniture, electronics, bathtubs, spa rooms. Donations can be made in a variety of ways from now until May 29, 2021.
  • The Rogers Cable switch to Ignite has been extended to October 2021.


  • Glynis advised a Wellness Room is being set up for staff to enjoy on their breaks. The room will include a massage chair, TV, murals and a Keurig coffee machine
  • More virtual and outdoor entertainment will be coming soon for all Residents
  • Spiritual Programs will start again
  • Speciality Lunches will be offered; KFC in May. Sign up is required
  • Residents are now able to sit together in the dining room
  • Take out and homemade food and treats are now allowed for Resident’s only
  • Door / Unit decorating will be ongoing
  • A music therapy student is now in place
  • Volunteers will slowly be re-instated
  • Moving to Make it Happen will wrap up on May 29. Planned activities (subject to change) include Residents “moving” in the parking lot, an ice cream truck and BBQ take out.  All details and/or to make a donation can be found here:  Home – Idlewyld Manor













Motion moved by:  John

Seconded by: Ann

Motion:  Carried



Motion moved by:  Mary

Seconded by:  Ann

Motion Carried



5.1 Move to Make it Happen – Family Council will donate a “Happy Hour” basket filled with beer, pretzels, and chips as a raffle prize.   Please arrange to have all donations to Cindy by May 18.

5.2 Replies to April’s concerns:  Staff has been reminded about scents in the workplace and been asked to wear their ID tags so their names are visible

5.3 June meeting – has been moved to Wednesday, June 9

5.4 Wellness Hub – all details are available in the May newsletter

5.5 Kim Melanson is the new President of Resident Council

5.6 Care Packages and Food Delivery no longer need to be held for 72 hours


  1. Ongoing Business


6.1   Employee Recognition:   The Certificates are now completed and will be                                         presented to all staff.  Thank you to Cindy, Margaret, and Ann for completing the certificates and to Nan and Mary for their creative suggestions.

6.2   Garden Committee:  The front garden is now done.  Work has started in all the other garden areas.  Thank you to Ann and Margaret for their hard work.






  1. REPORTS: Treasurer’s Report:  As reported by Mary

$99.60 was spent on the certificates.  The new balance is:

$65.85 cash and $760.15 in the bank; Total $826.00



  1. 50/50 DRAW: N/A





  1. ADJOURNMENT: The meeting was adjourned at 9:16 pm

Next meeting:

Date: Wednesday, June 9 – 6:30 pm

Place:  Via Zoom