Idlewyld Manor Family Council Meeting Minutes February 29th, 2021

Idlewyld Manor Family Council Meeting


Date: February 9, 2021

Location:  Via Zoom


PRESENT:  Cindy Allen, Mary Newman, Barb Vacon, Ann Bennett, Anne Ross-Muschallik, Beth Hibbard, Bob Hibbard, Bruce Hamilton, John Bouman, Kathleen Sharkey, Margaret Cross, Margaret Figliola, Nan Uzbalis, Rose Linton, Vinzi Calder 


  1. CALL TO ORDER:   6:41 PM


  1. GUEST SPEAKERS: Bahar Karimi, Administrator


Bahar shared with us that her goal is to build a culture of excellence and her vision is for Idlewyld Manor to be a role model for other Long Term Care facilities.  She plans to build a strong relationship with Family Council and all staff.

She advised how well the Candy Gram sales and the draw for the gift basket were going.

Each month, a new theme will be featured for the Residents.  January’s theme was Chinese New Year.

At the time of the meeting, the plans for Rapid Testing were not confirmed but Bahar did advise once Rapid Testing was implemented the option to be tested at a Testing Centre would no longer be available.

Bahar advised all staff have been notified the parking spots closest to the building are designated for visitors.  In the near future, tags will be provided for staff and visitors to leave in their cars while inside the Manor.

At the time of meeting, there were 37 empty beds at Idlewyld; 2 new admissions were expected in the following days.

Bahar shared the new Communication Pathway for issues, concerns and complaints.

73% of the staff have been vaccinated.  It is Bahar’s hope that 100% will be vaccinated in the future.

97% of residents have been vaccinated and the number of Family Caregivers vaccinated at Idlewyld Manor is the highest in the City.



Motion moved by:  Rose

Seconded by: Mary

Motion:  Carried



Motion moved by:  Mary

Seconded by:  John

Motion Carried



5.1   An Easter Basket fundraiser was suggested.  All funds will be donated to the Garden Committee Fund.   More information to follow.

5.2   Jack provided an update through Cindy that all Drivers Licenses can currently be renewed online.

5.3   Please complete the Resident Experience Survey if you have not already done so.

5.4   February activities at Idlewyld Manor – more activities are planned.  A complete calendar will be available for March and will be included with the March newsletter.



     6.1   Employee Recognition Plans are still being worked on.   Funding for this project would be the responsibility of the Family Council.    The discussion is ongoing.

6.2 The Garden Committee reported there are no funds currently available for purchasing for the gardens this spring.  All donations are gratefully accepted and as mentioned, an Easter Basket fundraiser has been planned.

6.3   TV/Cable Costs – Bahar recommended that the best point of contact would be Rogers.  Nan also reminded everyone that a low cost antenna can be purchased from Best Buy that provides good quality TV and a number of channels.

      6.4   Smart TVs have now been installed in all units.



7.1   Prevail brief survey – It was agreed the staff would be the best to complete this survey but everyone was encouraged to submit their comments.

7.2     Recycling – Bahar advised that recycling of the paper bags used for the masks was being discussed.

7.3   Greetings from Cindy & Margaret to the Staff and Residents can be found in a video on the Thrive website

7.4    An “excellence” board has been placed outside of Nicole’s office on the Ground Floor.   All are welcome to leave their thanks, cards and messages for all staff on the board.


  1. REPORTS: Treasurer’s Report:  As reported by Mary

(No change from the previous month)

$165.45 cash and $760.15 in the bank; Total $925.60


  1. 50/50 DRAW: N/A




  1. ADJOURNMENT: The meeting was adjourned at 9:05 pm

Next meeting:

Date: Tuesday, March 9, 2021   – 6:30 pm

Place:  Via Zoom