Idlewyld Manor Family Council Meeting Minutes April 13, 2021


Idlewyld Manor Family Council Meeting


Date: April 13, 2021

Location:  Via Zoom


PRESENT:  Cindy Allen, Mary Newman, Barb Vacon, Amanda Rogers, Ann Bennett, Anne Ross-Muschallik, Beth Hibbard, Bill Bota, Bruce Hamilton, Clarke Miller, Dave Taylor, John Bouman, Kathleen Sharkey, Margaret Cross, Margaret Figliola, Nan Uzbalis, Rose Linton, Vinzi Calder


  1. CALL TO ORDER:   6:32 PM


  1. GUEST SPEAKERS: Bahar Karimi, Administrator and Rosa Mozaffari, Associate Administrator


  • Bahar provided an update on COVID cases in the home and confirmed the staff who recently contracted COVID were not vaccinated
  • Volunteers are not yet allowed inside the building.
  • As some Family Council members were concerned about the lack of activities on the weekends, Bahar stated there were budget restrictions but she would check with Glynis for an update
  • Glynis will be invited to the next meeting and Renee to a future meeting.
  • Rosa advised she has been a nurse for 18 years, the last 12 in LTC
  • Since she has arrived at Idlewyld she has worked to set up the following teams: Infection Control, Pandemic Progress, Palliative Care, Wound Care and Fall Prevention.  Ministry of Health funding of $19200.00 was used for the Fall Prevention Project including the purchase of equipment
  • She is working to upgrade and/or purchase equipment such as commodes, tilt showers, ambient activity equipment ($9000.00 was spent to purchase for Spruce View)
  • Any extra funding from the Government will be used for staff including hiring USWs.
  • Until recently there were 44 empty beds at Idlewyld, new Residents have moved in and there are now only 22 empty beds.



Motion moved by:  Nan

Seconded by: Ann

Motion:  Carried



Motion moved by:  John

Seconded by:  Margaret Cross

Motion Carried



Cindy welcomed Amanda Rogers to Family Council.  Her father has recently moved to Idlewyld Manor.

5.1   Easter Basket Fundraiser:  Vinzi expressed how surprised and delighted she was to win one of the Easter Baskets.  She said they were lovely and overflowing with goodies.  She suggested in future years, smaller baskets, but a larger number, be available to be won.   $3000.00 was raised for the Garden Fund.

5.2   Easter Flowers: were placed in the pots outside of the front window.   They were taken in at night and replanted when the weather was better.

  • 3 Moving to Make it Happen:  is scheduled as a virtual event from May 24 to 29.   The dollars raised will not be specific to any one project this year.  Cindy will receive a list of projects that will be assisted by the funds.  There was a discussion around holding a 50/50 draw.  More details to follow.



  1. Ongoing Business


     6.1   Employee Recognition:  Ann, Mary and Nan provided an update.  A vote was                                      taken and it was decided paper and ribbon would be purchased, certificates printed, Cindy would personalize each one and a certificate would be distributed to every staff member (230 total).  The cost was estimated at $100.00 to $150.00.   Mary made a motion that $100.00 be taken from the Family Council fund.  Vinzi seconded the motion.  Motion carried with a vote of 11 out of 16.   Dependent on COVID restrictions and delays, the certificates will be completed as quickly as possible.

6.2 The Garden Committee:   Ann and Margaret shared plans for purchasing, planting and maintaining the gardens.   Work will start as soon as weather permits.  Ann and Margaret have been granted permission to work in the gardens when Residents are not present.

6.3 Rapid testing update:  Everyone agreed the Rapid Testing Process was going well.





  • It has been noted that Residents are being taken outside by their families. As this has not previously been allowed, Cindy will check with Bahar
  • Cindy will also ask Bahar the policy on Idlewyld being a scent free environment as there has been a notable difference in scents bothering Residents recently.
  • Cindy will request that all staff wear their name tags in such a way that their name can be seen.
  • It was suggested a time limit be placed on guest speakers for future meetings.


  1. REPORTS: Treasurer’s Report:  As reported by Mary

(No change from the previous month)

$165.45 cash and $760.15 in the bank; Total $925.60



  1. 50/50 DRAW: N/A





  1. ADJOURNMENT: The meeting was adjourned at 9:00 pm

Next meeting:

Date: Tuesday, May 11, 2021   – 6:30 pm

Place:  Via Zoom