Approved Minutes July 9th, 2019

Idlewyld Manor Family Council Meeting
Approved Minutes
Date: July 9, 2019 7 p.m.
Location: Celebration Room

PRESENT: Mary Newman, Cindy Allen, Elaine Armstrong, Margaret Figliola, Bob and Beth Hibbard, Jack Graham, Ted Burns, Anne Ross-Muschallik, Lori Tomasik, Kathleen Sharkey, Barb Vacon, Marianne Hobson, Margaret Cross, Sophie Sporbeck, Rose Linton, Clark Miller, Ann Bennett

  1. CALL TO ORDER: 7:10 pm
    Motion moved by Lori
    Seconded by Mary
    Motion: Carried
    Motion moved by Bob
    Seconded by Ted
    Motion: Carried
    5.1 Length of Meetings: Meetings are too long. Suggestions for remedies included: starting 7:00 sharp, only having one speaker per meeting, not introducing other ideas under business items, allowing executive to present the business on the agenda saving questions and comments for the Round Table. It was also agreed to move the 50/50 draw in the agenda so it takes place before the Round Table.

    5.2 Ontario Long Term Care Association, OLTCA, provides on-line webinars on various subjects of interest to Long Term Care caregivers and families.

    5.3 Lost and Found for lost clothing was available July 6. It was suggested that family members fill out forms for lost clothes immediately that clothing is missing and staff will do their best to track it down rather than waiting for a Lost and Found day.

    5.4 Code of Conduct – Ann advised that from now on, new or renewing members will be given two copies. Members will sign both, keep one and give it to the other to the executive to keep on file. Members were reminded that our Code of Conduct expects us to be respectful when dealing with staff. All workers in Ontario have a right to work in in an environment free of harassment and bullying. Family Council members should try to assist other family members who are unhappy or distressed.

    Other items discussed were: Ideas for guest speakers:
    Revenue Canada and taxation, Accountant, Funeral Home, Alzheimer’s Society. A subcommittee was formed to investigate a speaker from Revenue Canada and tax consequences when someone is in LTC. Subcommittee volunteers were: Clark, Barb and Mary.

    6.1 Value Village Fundraiser – Ann/Margaret A bin is located outside the front entrance at Idlewyld for donations. Last opportunity to donate is Friday July 12 at 4:00 pm. Volunteers to load truck should meet in the lower parking lot at Idlewyld on Saturday July 13 at 9:00 am. Those bringing donations directly to Value Village must be there by 12 pm, noon.

    6.2 Moving of Vending Machines –Vending Machine blocking view of garden in the lobby has been moved.

    6.3 Overtime Shifts -Ann reported that in keeping with Labour Law and the union contract, if someone calls in sick, part timers are called in by seniority, if they have put their names on the list for more hours. Full timers cannot be forced to work overtime or do double shifts as per the letter of understanding in the Union-Management Collective Agreement. If no one is available to cover a shift, Full Time or Part Time staff can volunteer to stay for extra hours or a double shift.

    6.4 Wall Paint Colours to identify pods – No plans at present

    7.1 Family Council Sponsored Summer Event – Members agreed to an Ice Cream Social again this year. If the Leadership Team agrees, it will be held Sunday August 11 at 2:00 pm. Volunteers are: Lori, Clark, Sophie, Elaine, Ted, Barb, Kathleen, Margaret, Marianne, Beth, Cindy, Ann (aka Dancing Queen)
    ACTION: Ann will ask Maintenance if music can be provided
    8.1 Treasurer’s Report: After the addition of $46.00 from last month’s 50/50 Draw and the Expense of $ 0, there is $1332.45 in the treasury with $193.60 in cash.
    Topics discussed were:Electronic Menu Boards
    Food quality, consistency of pureed food
    Staff Retention/Turnover
    Expiration dates on sample testing kits
    Attendance of family members at CR birthday parties
    PSW to resident assignments and ratios
    ACTION: FC Executive will put concerns in writing to Leadership
  10. 50/50 DRAW:Collected: $73.00, $36.50 won by Ted who donated it to the Ice Cream Social fund.
  11. ADJOURNMENT: The meeting was adjourned at 8:50 p.m.

Next meeting:
Date: August 13 2019  Time 7 p.m.
Place: Celebration Room