Approved Minutes December 10th 2019

Idlewyld Manor Family Council Meeting
Approved Minutes
Date: December 10, 2019
Location: Celebration Room

PRESENT: Cindy Allen, Mary Newman, Barb Vacon, Ann Bennett, Arlene Holek, Beth Hibbard, Brenda Bradt, Elaine Armstrong, Ica Smith, Jack Graham, Kathleen Sharkey, Lori Tomasik, Margaret Cross, Margaret Figliola, Nancy Thomas, Rose Linton, Sophie Sporbeck

  1. CALL TO ORDER: 7:56 pm
    Motion moved by: Beth
    Seconded by: Lori
    Motion: Carried
    Motion moved by: Rose
    Seconded by: Brenda
    Motion Carried
    5.1 New lights – Lights were purchased for the garden and front driveway. There was a concern the lights were not lit in the garden. Margaret Figliola followed up with Doug in Maintenance and was advised the lights were on timers so they did not shine into the resident’s rooms at night. While Doug was on vacation, the timers were not used; the plugs were pulled.
    5.2 Winterfest Success – The Family Council bake table raised $1891.00. This was the most money raised to date at Winterfest. This money was donated to Resident Council. It was suggested, for next year, the Family Council may want to consider making available small gifts that the Residents can purchase for Christmas gifts for their family.
    5.3 Christmas Lunch for Guests – One guest per family to a maximum of 6 guests per area can purchase a ticket to have Christmas Lunch with their family member. The cost is $20.00 per person and the ticket must be purchased prior to December 18. In addition, there will be tables set up in the Celebration Room that may be used by Family members to spend time with their Family on Christmas Day. It was suggested that Family Council should have been consulted prior to the decision being made to open the Celebration room. It was agreed a follow-up would be done in January 2020 and a letter sent to management.
    5.4 Labels for clothing – are available at the front desk. They can be ironed on to any new clothing purchased for residents at Christmas before returning the clothes to their rooms.
    5.5 Neighbour to Neighbour Food Drive – A donation box is available at the front door.
    6.1 St Peter’s Event – Mary reported on the event held November 28, 2019. She advised new beds would not be added at Idlewyld Manor. There is a shortage of PSWs and incentives are being put in place to encourage new recruits. She spoke about the work done by Advantage Ontario. Information can be found at
    6.2 Cookie Trays for Staff – were assembled prior to the start of this meeting. They were to be delivered on Wednesday, December 11 and Saturday, December 14.
    6.3 Guest speaker suggestions – Hanna Do will attend our January meeting and Wendy, Charge Nurse, will attend in February.
    7.1 Cindy read an email from a Family Council member who was not able to attend the meeting. She was very concerned about the decisions made by management to offer Christmas gifts to 10 residents only, opening the Celebration room for Christmas and suggesting families bring meals, Christmas lunch being limited to one family member and the cost of this lunch; she felt the decisions made were insensitive and Family Council should have been given an opportunity to assist.
    7.2 Barb advised that Clarke would be Santa on December 24 and deliver calendars to all Residents.
    Treasurer’s Report: As there are some discrepancies in the previous month’s reports it was decided a complete financial statement would be presented at the January 2020 meeting.
  9. 50/50 DRAW:
    Collected: $70.00, $35.00 won by Nancy Thomas was donated to the garden fund.
    Handling of utensils at the dining table.
    ACTION: None. Person who expressed concern to follow up.Confrontation witnessed between member of Admin and staff regarding an Assault report.
    ACTION: Family Council witness to follow up. Investigation ongoing.

    Use of back parking lot and back door code by family members.
    ACTION: Executive to follow up with Admin.

  11. ADJOURNMENT: The meeting was adjourned at 9:35 p.m.

Next meeting:
Date: January 7, 2020 time: 7:00 p.m.
Place: Celebration Room
*Date was changed from January 14 at the request of Management.