Approved Minutes August 13th, 2019

Idlewyld Manor Family Council Meeting
Approved Minutes
Date: Tuesday, August 13th, 2019 7 p.m.
Location: Celebration Room

PRESENT: Cindy Allen, Ted Burns, Margaret Figliola, Margaret Cross, Jack Graham, Elaine Armstrong, Mary Newman, Sophie Sporbeck, Rose Linton, Desiree Ranger, Kathleen Sharkey, Barb Vacon, Tosh Namba, Clarke Miller, Nancy Thomas, Brenda Bradt, Nan Uzbalis, Ann Bennett, Marianne Hobson, Ica Smith.

  1. CALL TO ORDER: 7:05 pm
  2. GUEST SPEAKERS: Chris Chandler and Barb Vacon from Canada Revenue Agency.
    Members questions were answered by Chris and Barb, particularly about the Disability Tax Credit, Involuntary Separation and Subsidy for LTC, joint bank accounts and CPP death benefit. Handouts were provided with information about many common questions.
    Motion moved by Sophie
    Seconded by Rose
    Motion: Carried
    Motion moved by Barb
    Seconded by Marianne
    Motion: Carried
    5.1 Report back on responses to Round Table Discussion from July meeting.
    Cindy read the responses from Susan Hastings (Administrator), to our concerns from last meeting. Responses will be forwarded to members via email and posted on the Family Council Bulletin Board. ACTION: Ann
    It was noted that presently there are PSW students on the units. We are hopeful that some of them will be looking for work in LTC when they complete their training. ACTION: Margaret will follow up to find out how things went with the students
  6. ONGOING BUSINESS:6.1 Ice Cream Social Update
    Cindy thanked those who helped and noted that staff appreciated being included. Sophie thanked Cindy and her mother for providing the peaches and strawberries
    It was agreed that Family Council members should wear identifying lanyards at future events.
    It was agreed that a special thank you should be sent to Julia, the only Rec staff on duty for the event. ACTION: Elaine to fill out a Compliment Form

    6.2 New garden fundraising
    The Value Village fundraiser for the new garden brought in $411.60.
    Special thanks were extended to Marianne Hobson, her husband Roger and brother Doug who did an amazing job driving, loading and unloading the trucks, Margaret for organizing, Sophie for getting the trucks and to the staff for taking care of the donations


    7.1 Alzheimer’s Day – Thursday September 12, 9:30-3, Lobby.
    Donation forms available if you want to collect money in advance.
    ACTION: Elaine to get advance donations.
    Ann to find out if we can specify our donations stay in the Hamilton area.

    7.2 Car Rally – Saturday September 28. Volunteers needed. To be determined at next meeting.

    7.3 Winterfest – 3rd Saturday in November Activity selling homemade cookies, tarts, baked goods. Members were encouraged to request gift donations early. A donations request letter will be provided at the next meeting.

    7.4 Guest Speaker Events with St Peter’s
    Katherine Hazelwood, President of St Peter’s Family Council would like to discuss having joint speakers with St Peter’s and Idlewyld.
    ACTION: Mary and Clarke will contact Katherine to discuss the possibility

    8.1 Treasurer’s Report: After the addition of $73.00 from last month’s 50/50 Draw and the Expense of $0, there is $1405.45 in the treasury with $266.60 in cash.
  9. 50/50 DRAW:  Collected:$100, $50 won by Ica who donated it to the garden fund.
    Topics discussed were:
    Staff Parking
    Donations of Open-Back clothing
    Ambulance payment from LTC
    Nutrition Cart
    Full Time to Part Time staffing ratio
    Communication of 24 hour time to vacate a room when a resident passes away
    Direct Dentistry alternatives
  11. ADJOURNMENT:  The meeting was adjourned at 9:29 pm

Next meeting:
Date: September 10, 2019  Time 7 p.m.
Place: Celebration Room