Approved Minutes April 9th, 2019

Idlewyld Manor Family Council Meeting
Approved Minutes
Date: April 9, 2019
Location: Celebration Room

PRESENT: Elaine Armstrong, Anne Ross-Muschallik, Margaret Cross, Rose Linton, Cindy Allen, Marianne Hobson, Kathleen Sharkey, Barb Vacon, Margaret Figliola, Arlene Holek, Fatima Shehadeh, Beth Hibbard, Bob Hibbard, Rena Zambon, Sandra Elian, Ann Bennett

  1. CALL TO ORDER: 7:08 pm
  2. GUEST SPEAKERS: Susan Hastings, Administrator; Glynis Cox, Manager of Recreation and Volunteer Services; Robert Chapman, Facilities Manager
    Motion moved by Sophie:
    Seconded by Elaine:
    Motion CARRIED
    Motion moved by Rena:
    Seconded by Margaret Cross:
    Motion CARRIED
    5.1 Easter Dinner: $12.00, one Guest per resident. (Max to 6 in each home area)
    5.2 Carnival Day: April 12th 2 p.m. Reminder Chester the Clown from 2:00 – 3:00
    5.3 Sympathy card for signing
    5.4 Easter Flowers for Lobby: Hydrangeas. Ann and Margaret will pick up and deliver.
    6.1 Family Council Flyer: Ann presented what she has created and will make it smaller as directed by members.
    6.2 Food Service Issues: Margaret Figliola reported that issues brought forward were submitted by someone as a formal complaint, therefore no information could be shared with us.
    7.1 Thrive Group Fundraiser – Move to Make it Happen: Tuesday, May 28th 9 – 2 p.m. Volunteers needed from 10am-3pm to help with the walk and BBQ. People coming for the BBQ will be asked to make a donation to the fundraising. Anyone donating other money can specify what activity or purchase they would like their donation to support; for example, the Music Therapy Program or Family Council Garden Fund.
    7.2 Ministry Critical Incident Report Summary Chart: Ann reviewed the concern/complaint process, how to contact the Ministry if necessary, and reported that a summary chart of the 2018 Ministry Critical Incident Report is now posted on Bulletin board outside Gateside. Copies of the Chart were circulated.
    8.1 Treasurer’s Report: After the addition of $47.50 from last month’s 50/50 Draw and the Expense of 0, there is $1226.15 in the treasury, with $239.80 in cash, Chester the Clown will be paid from these funds.
    Toy animals that speak or repeat what a person says (talk back toys) can be purchased for comforting residents and help with language barriers. ACTION: Beth Hibbard volunteered to find out where the toys can be purchased and the price. ACTION: Margaret Figliola volunteered to discuss with Glynis Cox, Manager of Recreation and Volunteer Services.
    It was also suggested that we utilize more students from Columbia College as volunteers to give residents access to more people who speak different languages.
    ACTION: Margaret will discuss with Glynis Cox.
  10. 50/50 DRAW
    Collected: $ 80.00, $40.0, won by Rose Linton, donated to Garden Fund
  11. ADJOURNMENT: The meeting was adjourned at 9:45 p.m.

Next meeting:
Date: May 14, 2019 time: 7:00 p.m.
Place: Celebration Room