Emergency Preparedness

July 29th, 2022

This Emergency Preparedness & Response plan provides information about the emergency plans Thrive Group organizations have developed to ensure the safety and wellbeing of all persons served, staff, students, volunteers, visitors, and other stakeholders. This plan is designed to assist an employee to prepare, understand and ensure that measures are in place when dealing with an emergency.

We are committed to the principle that safety must never take a secondary role. We further believe that safety is not the responsibility of one single person but rather the responsibility of each member of the organization. Every employee at Thrive Group, including the Chief Executive Officer, shares responsibility for Health and Safety.

As part of Thrive Group’s Health and Safety internal responsibility system it is important that we are prepared to respond to a variety of situations. The most effective way to protect employees' physical and emotional well-being from a traumatic workplace event is for everyone to be prepared. Having a well thought out emergency response plan(s) will allow everyone to respond promptly and effectively to a traumatic event.

This plan includes the legislative and regulatory requirements for licensed long-term care homes set out under the Fixing Long-Term Care Act, 2021 (FLTCA), and Ontario Regulation 246/22 (O. Reg. 246/22) and other applicable legislation, regulations, and directives.

For additional information on emergency planning please direct questions to the administrator.

Emergency Preparedness Plan - Click here to read our full Emergency Preparedness Plan.