Idlewyld Manor

  • 449 Sanatorium Road Hamilton, ON L9C 2A7 Telephone 905-574-2000 Fax 905-574-0482 Email: [email protected]
Exterior photo of Idlewyld Manor Building


Administration Phone
Bahar Karimi
Ext. 722
Rosa Mozaffari
Associate Administrator
Ext. 745
Cindy Abbott
Manager of Administrative Services
Ext. 760
Angela Mauro
Financial Analyst
Ext. 573
Prosha Bakr-Baifi
Customer Service Clerk
Ext. 700
Privacy Officer
[email protected]
Recreation and Volunteer Services Phone
Brad McCulloch
Manager, Reacreation and Volunteer Services
Ext. 724
Recreation Officer Ext. 737
Support Services Phone
Nicole Bassarab
Manager of Resident Services
Ext. 732
Nita Aboagye
Resident and Family Advisor
Ext. 761
Lori Ambrose
Resident Care Supervisor
Ext. 714
Velichka (Vili) Ganichevi
Resident Care Supervisor (OW/OV)
Ext. 753
Shawna Morrison
Resident Care Supervisor (RG/GS)
Ext. 759
Flordelyn Reyna
Resident Care Supervisor (CS/SV)
Ext. 752
Jennifer (Jen) Walker
Resident Care Supervisor/IPAC Lead)
Ext. 741
Colleen Cookney
Staffing Associate
Ext. 740
Hanna Do
Food Service Manager
Ext. 726
Emilee Newhouse
Ext. 702
James Derwinsky
Manager of Environmental Services
Ext. 738
Nursing and Therapy Services Phone
Cathy Luke
Director of Nursing
Ext. 728
Junalyn Jang
Scheduling and Administrative Supervisor
Ext. 746
Physiotherapy Office Ext. 754
Nursing Stations Phone
Charge Nurse 1 Ext. 720
Charge Nurse 2 Ext. 758
Oakwood Ext. 742
Orchard View Ext. 736
Rose Garden Ext. 733
Gateside Ext. 731
Creekside Ext. 723
Spruce View Ext. 730

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