Our Story

Idlewyld Manor is an accredited, non-profit charitable long-term care facility situated on Hamilton’s west mountain. Our facility sits on a picturesque 13-acre corner lot surrounded by trees and lush gardens and is steeped in a rich history of community service of over 150 years.

In 1846 our roots began as a small soup kitchen on John Street in Hamilton. Approximately 23 years later, following an epidemic of cholera in Hamilton, the soup kitchen evolved to include an orphanage to serve those affected by the outbreak. Less than ten years later, we erected a home on our current parcel of land to address housing and supports for aging women in Hamilton. In 1964, the home’s name was changed to include Idlewyld in honor of a gift left by the estate of the late Col. Gordon and Mrs. Henderson. In 2002, construction began to create what is now known as Idlewyld Manor, a 192-bed facility serving 192 residents, both male and female in a continuum of care setting.

Our Philosophy

We believe living well is an art, and can be enhanced through research and science. The Thrive Group makes living life well, on our terms, a reality. With an integrated service delivery model, Thrive Group provides a healthy living experience that meets service, safety and care requirements with innovation in environments designed for people with unique needs.

Our Mission

Thrive Group provides a spectrum of integrated services to support and care for individuals to live as independently as possible. By bringing together like-minded organizations we will:

  • Develop and deliver quality services that are responsive and innovative
  • Enhance collaborative approaches to service provision
  • Inform government directives and influence health care system transformation, and
  • Create efficiencies and reduce duplication.

Our Vision

Building a community of quality and responsive services in a highly integrated and transformed health care system.

Our Values

Teamwork is essential for our success. We believe we are more effective together than individually. We require our collective knowledge and skills to accomplish great things. Our employees and volunteers are expected to work in collaboration with each other, our clients, residents and family members. By building strong and effective partnerships with our community and funders we believe we can build more accessible and cohesive systems of care for all.
Honesty and transparency are fundamental in building relationships with our clients and residents, partners, funders, families and community. We are trustworthy and ethical in all our dealings and hold our employees and volunteers to the highest standards of conduct. We value open, honest and direct communication and encourage regular feedback from our employees and volunteers, clients, residents and stakeholders.
Respect is required in all our interactions. We respect the privacy and dignity of our clients and residents and will provide them with support and services that allow them to live as safely and independently as possible. We value and celebrate diversity in our clients, residents and colleagues. We respect the environments within which we work and will strive to maintain them to the highest standards possible.
Innovation and progressive approaches to care are essential in meeting the current and growing needs of our clients and residents. We are committed to continuous learning and development, and encourage our employees and volunteers to strive to be the best that they can be. We are committed to learning new approaches and open to researching and implementing best and most promising practices to ensure we remain a leader in the field of human service provision.
Versatility ensures our ability to adapt and change to meet growing demands with limited resources. We are committed to building services and systems that are responsive, timely and cost efficient. We will remain solution-focused and will provide our clients, residents and stakeholders with demonstrated value without compromising quality of service. We will build a culture of responsibility and accountability across all organizational systems.
Excellence is a fundamental requirement in all we do. We are committed to building a leading-edge organization that attracts and retains a highly qualified and engaged workforce. Through the expertise and commitment of our employees we will subsequently develop high quality programs, services and systems that are held in the highest regard across the wider health and social service sector.

Our Board of Directors

Idlewyld Manor is governed by a voluntary Board of Directors who are committed to ensuring the highest level of quality care is provided.

Portrait of Bob Luckhart

Bob Luckhart

Portrait of Terry Anderson

Sebastien Skrobos

Portrait of Sue Rivers

Tim Dietrich

Portrait of Pam Mermieersch

Elizabeth Beader

Portrait of Pam Mermieersch

Ruth Liebersbach

Portrait of Ted Capstick

Ted Capstick

Portrait of Dr. Brenda Vrkljan

Dr. Brenda Vrkljan

Portrait of Guy Dixon

Guy Dixon

Portrait of Elizabeth Manganelli-State

Elizabeth Manganelli-Staite

Portrait of Pam Mermieersch

Pam Vermeersch

Our Leadership Team

Portrait of Steve Sherrer

Steve Sherrer


Portrait of Renee Guder

Renee Guder

Chief of Organizational Development

Portrait of Bahar Karimi

Bahar Karimi

Executive Director, LTC Services
Chair of Centre of Excellence, Thrive Group

Portrait of Helena Paz

Cathy Luke

Director of Nursing

Portrait of Cindy Abbott

Cindy Abbott

Manager of Administrative Services

Portrait of Angela Mauro

Angela Mauro

Financial Analyst

Portrait of Alex Menjvar

James Derwinsky

Manager of Environmental Services

Portrait of Alex Menjvar

Hanna Do

Food Services Manager

Portrait of Alex Menjvar

Dayna Derwinsky

Food Services Supervisor

Portrait of Nicole Dalton

Elizabeth Wojtowicz

Director of Clinical Practice

Portrait of Glynis Cox

Janine Mills

Quality and Privacy Officer

Portrait of Glynis Cox

Brad McCulloch

Co-ordinator, Recreation and Volunteer Services

Portrait of Glynis Cox

Nicole Bassarab

Manager of Resident Services

Portrait of Glynis Cox

Rosa Mozaffari

Associate Administrator

Portrait of Glynis Cox

Jennifer Walker

Resident Care Supervisor and IPAC Lead

Portrait of Nicole Dalton

Shawna Morrison

Resident Care Supervisor

Portrait of Glynis Cox

Velichka (Vili) Ganichevi

Resident Care Supervisor

Portrait of Glynis Cox

Flordelyn Reyna

Resident Care Supervisor

Portrait of Glynis Cox

Nita Aboagye

Resident and Family Advisor

Portrait of Glynis Cox

Junalyn Jang

Scheduling and Administrative Supervisor

Portrait of Glynis Cox

Lori Ambrose

Resident Care Supervisor